Before she joined, Lisa knew some people who worked here, and after speaking to them, she decided that there were three aspects of the business she would love. The pace we work at, the rapidly growing size of the business and the degree of autonomy people enjoy. She joined us in October 2016.

"THG has changed in every way, but the mentality is still the same. We're still fast paced, it's still about the 'go for it' attitude"

One of the biggest challenges Lisa has faced in her time here was the re-structuring of the entire Beauty division. This not only involved her changing roles, but also changing the focus of how the division operated – from a brand to a territory focus – which proved to be a very intense six months.

“Being exposed to, and being able to experience so many new things helped me define where I want to go and what I want to do”

Her current challenge – and greatest pleasure – is working with people and the unpredictability that comes with it. Dealing with people and their emotions demands a lot of her and her team, but it’s what she excels at and finds most rewarding.

Lisa is excited at the prospect of just how far the business can advance. She’s looking forward to THG becoming more global in our reach, to go into new territories and markets, and to help build our brand. On a more personal level, Lisa has her eyes firmly set on becoming a director, an achievement that will move her closer to where she wants to be in her professional life. She has the drive, the talent and the desire to achieve it, and working at THG, she’s in a working environment that encourages her to live her dream.